Thank you, 2017. Hello, 2018.


What a year!

A BIG thank you to everyone for making 2017 an awesome year for me, art-wise. Here are some thank you's:

  1. Thank you for purchasing my art! It's an honor that you chose my work for your home (and/or gifts to loved ones).
  2. Thank for you for purchases after Hurricane Harvey. I'll post an update on how much was raised to help people recover.
  3. Thank you for visiting my studio(s). First was my 3 month residency in Studio 6. Then, my permanent move to Studio 21 at Hardy & Nance. This has been a dream come true.
  4. Thank you for visiting me at First Saturday Arts Market. I only did a few markets this year. FSAM is always top notch and the market that helped me get involved with the local community.
  5. Thank you for liking/sharing and talking about my work. Your passion for art helps drive me.


I have a lot to be grateful for this year: a new dog (Max, the 3-legged wonder dog), completing my first marathon (Marathon #2 is in a few weeks!), the health of my loved ones, etc. Life is good.

I hope 2018 becomes your best year ever. See you in the new year!

The image above is a draft/preview of a collaborative piece I'm working on. It may not make the final cut, but wanted to share anyway.