Photoshop Brushes I Use: Part 1

One of the brush sets I use.

One of the brush sets I use.

All the brushes I use in my Photoshop abstracts are either included with Photoshop, have been offered as part of my Creative Cloud subscription, or were free to download off the internet.

I've been careful to download and install free brushes that don't require attribution, since I don't want to risk violating terms, but feel it's important I acknowledge all the cool brushes I've found.

Artists who create Photoshop brushes save artists like me a ton of time. Creating brushes  in Photoshop is its own art. I plan to learn to create them, outside of one "rain" one I've made. Part of my education to become a better artist.

Not all of these brushes have been used in artwork yet.

Below are the name of the brush sets and artists. Links provided, if I could find them. Enjoy them, and check out more from these artists.

Clouds by Mila:


18 Seamless Lightning Strikes:


21 Triangle Brushes:


BB HighRes Messy Spray paint brushes:


Splashes of Paint by Mouritsa:


Dripping Liquid Brushes by Lilth Demoness:


Environment brushes by Aaron Griffin Art:

Hi-Res splash brushes by Fudge Graphics:


Free Rain and Snow brushes from Breezy: and


Cloud brushes by Ryoku15:


Star brushes by DemosthenesVoice: