New Work: The Nebula Series

I've been working a lot this year on "pure" abstracts...abstracts that do not start as fractals. I've always wanted to create such abstracts and have been learning new techniques. It's been fun to evolve, and a reminder of how hard abstracts are to create.

The Nebula series came around partly by accident. First in the series, Blue Nebula, started as an attempt at a blue and white abstract, inspired by my work with yellow and gray (for an upcoming show). The idea for it to resemble a nebula came quite a ways in, as I was thinking about needing a focal point. The middle of it looked cloud-like, and I thought of a nebula with stars peeking out. Once I created this piece, it was natural to move to a black and white abstract, and then a red and white one, based on the colors I tend to work with.

Red Nebula started as a red and gold piece, with a gold leaf effect. None of that idea worked, and it became a red and white abstract (and my favorite out of the three).

I enjoyed creating this series. It included a favorite theme, space, and I learned a lot about abstracts (and needing a focal point), plus learned a lot about brushes.

You can see time lapse videos of the creation of all three pieces over at my YouTube channel. Subscribe if you'd like to be notified when I upload more videos.

This series is offered for purchase as framed fine arts on watercolor paper. Two sizes are available and editions are limited to 100 of each. If you're interested in purchasing, you can order here, or contact me directly.