I LOVE Seeing Where People Hang My Art

I’m never sure if this is somewhat egotistical, but I love, love, love seeing where people hang art they’ve purchased from me.

I believe the reason is I understand what it means for someone to spend their hard earned money on work I created. When I create, emotions and energy are put into the work. When you buy it and bring it into your home (or gift it to family/friends), I take it as the highest compliment. Home is (hopefully) sanctuary and to bring a piece of art into it is personal to everyone.

A favorite and one of a kind original piece of mine found its home this past Saturday. Reflection, Winter was a collaboration with the amazing Jenny Wilde. I’m glad the right person walked into my art booth and chose to bring it home.

Also, my cousin, Alyssa, purchased two canvas prints from me. She welcomed Late Afternoon and Water Meets Sky into her home. I don’t ask for support from friends or family, so I take their purchase of my art for the compliment it is.

You can see the sold works below. Always feel free to reach out to me directly if there’s a piece that speaks to you and you want help finding a way to fit it into your home.