2018 in Art


For 2018, my main goal was to create more work. I wanted to outperform 2017 by a lot. I created about 20 pieces in 2017. I’d say creating 37 in 2018 beat my goal.

It’s been a tremendous year, with both good and bad events sprinkled throughout. Looking at my new works, one can see a step back from fractal abstracts as I explored more “pure” abstracts. I didn’t get to as many expressionist cloud and tree works, either, but that was more technical (they take a very long time to render). I had a million more ideas than were created. My desk is covered in post-it’s for many of those ideas…I’ll get to them in 2019.

My collaborations with Jenny Wilde and Jodi Larson were a particular point of pride and growth. They are fantastic women and artists…they made me a better artist.

The Hurricane Harvey series was another pride point. The conversations I had with patrons at the show enriched and moved me. I’m honored my work in the show touched so many.

2019 goals? Better work. I’m continuing my drive to evolve my style. One of a kind pieces like wood transfers and mixed media are planned. A solo show is in the works. I’ll be taking over Studio 21 at Hardy & Nance solo to start off 2019. My goal is to keep it that way and only gain a studio mate if it’s a perfect fit for both of us. If you’re in the Houston area, make sure you come by and visit.

I hope 2018 has been good to you and that 2019 will be even better.

Below are some of the 2018 works. Which was your favorite?