The Story Behind...Worlds Away

New Horizons and Pluto inspired Worlds Away. When New Horizons launched in January 2006, I remember the excitement of knowing some day, we'd all finally get to see what our furthest planet (okay fine, relatively nearby dwarf planet) looked like. July 2015 was a long way off, but we'd get there.
In the month leading up to the encounter, I started thinking about what we'd see. With Pluto having its companion moon, Charon, the idea of seeing a binary system was exciting. I decided I wanted to create an imagining of such a system.
Worlds Away was created over the course of a week. I spent a solid twelve hours on day one, then tweaked it the rest of the week. First step was creating the planets in Vue. I used some excellent free textures in Genetica Viewer 3 to apply to the objects in Vue. Once rendered in Vue, the hard work in Photoshop began. The background (star field and space dust) were all created in Photoshop. The planets all had effects added to them, including adding the proper shadowing. I had to learn some new skills in Photoshop to accomplish my vision. That star field was scrapped more than once!
I'm proud of the end was a lot of work and the final image turned out better than I imagined. I don't create many space scenes, so this one remains asmy best work in that genre.
You can order prints at Society 6. I also have metallic paper prints, and a signed metal print available in person at local markets, or at my Spreesy store.