The Story Behind...The 45th


The title The 45th has thrown some people. It's been said to me the piece looks like a dragon by several friends. An artist friend suggested the awesome title of "Spine of the Dragon".

I don't do political art, but this piece is inspired by the 45th President of the United States. Hence, that confusing title.

However you feel about the 45th President, the piece is meant to speak to that feeling. Consider him strong, powerful? Doesn't get more powerful than a dragon! Consider him a con, snake oil salesman? The twists and turns in the piece speak to his chaos and contradictions. And, yes, the orange color choice was deliberate.

Again, I don't do political art; my focus is nature inspired. The election of the 45th was a...unique moment in my country's history. I wanted to do at least one piece that touched on it.