The Story Behind...Reaching Skyward

The Tower of Babel...
The myth of the Tower of Babel inspired Reaching Skyward. Originally, this piece was to be an early study on clouds (prologue to my Cloud series). It was also supposed to be a simple black & white image to use at my website.

I created the cloudscape in Vue. I liked what I'd done with the cloud shapes and that should have been that. Nice little background for the website, and some early ideas for a new abstract series.


I couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to add some buildings. As I did the work, I thought about skyscrapers and what seems like man's determination to always build taller. The world's tallest building title has changed hands many times. Someone always wants to win. Humans always seem to be trying to change nature. We can't leave well enough alone.

I do this in my work. I don't photograph nature. I make fake worlds that look like they could be nature. Almost.

Reaching Skyward is a reflection on man never leaving nature alone. How you feel about that is personal. For me, the piece helps me meditate on the balance needed on environmental issues versus the benefits of development.
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