The Story Behind...the Field Series

Imitation is a form of flattery.
My favorite digital artist is the amazing Ryan Bliss. He has a site called Digital Blasphemy you should check out. He's been working as an artist full-time since 1997. Seriously, check out his website for some spectacular work.

It's through Ryan that I learned about some of the software I now use for my work, particularly Vue.

Another idea I picked up from him was the idea of doing different versions of the same scene. Not an uncommon idea, I've seen day/night versions of lots of artwork. Ryan has plenty of those. He also has "season" versions of some work. That influenced my Field series.

I'd wanted to do a "lone tree in a field" piece for awhile. Using Ryan's approach of seasons, I decided to create a version with every season imagined.

I started with Summer Field, then moved on to Autumn Field two months later. Winter Field came next, and finally, Spring Field. I created each in their corresponding season. It helped me feel connected to the work. The entire series was created over the course of ten months.

Small touches were added as I progressed. The farmhouse and barn/silo are only in the Winter and Spring pieces. For Winter Field, the buildings are purposely further away, to amplify the lonely feeling one can experience in wintertime. I made sure there are birds in the sky for each one.

My personal favorite is Autumn Field. The lighting turned out perfectly.

They are all available as metal prints here or as framed prints here. If you're interested in purchasing the series as a set, contact me for special pricing.