The Story Behind...Liquid Tree

A hot June day was the inspiration behind Liquid Tree.

This piece was a spur of the moment inspiration, and was also created within a day. Very fast work.

Created in June of 2015, it came about on one of the first truly hot days that summer. Earlier in the week, I'd had my trees trimmed (11 trees!), including the large, gorgeous oak in my front yard. I was thinking of how hot it was outside (Houston, Tx gets toasty in the summer), and about that oak. I then imagined the oak melting.

Holding that image in my mind, I used Vue to create an oak tree in a field of grass. Very simple, so it rendered quickly. I then brought the render into Photoshop and used a variety of brushes and filters to "melt" the tree. There was a test version at a lower resolution. When I was satisfied with the idea, I rendered the full resolution and repeated my brush strokes and filters to create the final version. Below are the Vue render and the test version. You can see some differences from the final piece.

I love how quickly this one came together, from inspiration to finished work. Metal prints can be ordered (one is currently hanging at Happy Fatz - check it out), plus I have prints available at Society 6. I'll have metallic prints available soon.

Original Vue render on left, test version of abstraction on right.

Original Vue render on left, test version of abstraction on right.