The Story Behind...Godrays (Cloud series #3)


Here comes the sun...
My entire Cloud series is based on my love of nature, and the beauty of the sky. When I was a kid, you could find me staring up at the sky, daydreaming (especially in class, as a bored, mild brainiac). As an adult, sky watching is one of the best parts of running outside.

My favorite aspect of all that sky watching? Sunrays, aka Godrays. The cloudiest, dreariest day becomes mesmerizing if sunlight breaks through and streaks the sky. There is something about sunlight touching the ground in focused beams that can lift the heart.

I knew early in the Cloud series, I wanted at least one piece with godrays. The initial render took quite a while to create. They are difficult to create in Vue, as the software is "realistic" in how it creates them. Just like in nature, the light angle, cloud density, and such, have to be just so for them to appear. I spent a solid week getting them to show up. Can't tell you how many clouds, cloud heights, thickness, opaqueness, etc I kept adjusting in the software to get a few rays to break through (my skills might suck a bit, too).

Once the initial image rendered, the abstraction was fun. It was important that I not lose the rays, but the piece needed more elements to interest the eye. I enjoyed teasing out components. Godrays is my favorite in the series so far. The colors and overall feel clicked so well.

I made a video showing some of the abstraction work in progress. You can watch that here.

I have a limited edition of it for sale. A 24"Hx16"W framed, matted print on fine watercolor paper. Contact me for details. Strictly limited to ten.

You can also order it on metal and metallic paper through my usual stores.

Original render on left, finished piece on the right.

Original render on left, finished piece on the right.