Sunset Tree and Five Years

Five years ago today, I lost my mom to a long battle with disease. Sunset Tree is a tribute to her, and has a bit of a story.

When she passed, I knew I wanted to do a piece dedicated to her. My mom had dreamed of being an artist, but gave that up at the young age of 21 to be a stay-at-home mom for her twins (my brother and I). Stay-at-home mom sadly became divorced-single-mom-struggling-to-pay-the-bills-and-raise-two-kids. She never got back to her dream of finishing art school. Life was good for her later on, and she aimed her many talents into being one of the most amazing cooks you'd ever meet.

Still, she never got back to painting and drawing and pursuing that dream. Sadly, she never got to see much of my art, either. Five years ago, I was only posting the images on my little hobby website. Mom rarely got on a computer by then dueto poor eyesight. I might have shown her a piece or two, but I would have been too self-conscience to do much more. I miss that she can't see my work now.

Back to Sunset Tree. The image came to mind from a picture of a painting that hangs in my aunt's house. I stayed at my aunt's the night Mom passed. The picture was hanging in the guest room. The picture was of a relative, with a painting hanging on the wall behind him. The painting showed a lone tree in the Sahara, with the sun setting behind it. Lots of reds and oranges.

I remembered the painting, as it had once hung in my aunt's house and I'd considered it quite striking. We talked about the picture and painting that night. The painting was lost in Hurricane Katrina. All my aunt had of it was this one picture that included the painting in the background. That was why the picture was she had some memory of the painting.

I decided to pay tribute to Mom, that painting, my aunt, and family memories, in one simple image.

I don't offer Sunset Tree as a print currently because the resolution isn't high enough and I'm not satisfied with how it turned out. It's on my list to re-do soon. Mom deserves a better image in her honor. In five years, I think my skills have improved enough to give it to her.