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A native of New Orleans, living in Houston for over 29 years, Brandi Untz's first creative inspiration was her mother, who gave up pursuit of an art career to raise her twin children. She learned an appreciation for art and music from her mom's enthusiasm. She pursues the dream her mom never achieved.

A challenging childhood influences her work. She strives to show beauty with an undercurrent of the darkness that exists in life. A balance of light and dark, in the naturally unfair world.

Being in nature, as a hiker and runner, has always brought a sense of peace to Brandi, and she demonstrates that appreciation in her expressionism work. Her long running series, Cloud, especially focuses on the sky, and the play of light above us.

Her abstracts focus on repeating patterns, usually as fractals, to explore the cool logic and math found in nature.

She has a studio at Hardy & Nance Studios, part of the historic, original warehouse district in the city of Houston. You'll find her work in many of their group shows, as well.

She also regularly shows at First Saturday Arts Market, the monthly fine art market in Houston.

She has also participated in other local shows, including at JoMar Visions, Affair D'Art in Galveston, and other local markets.

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Hardy & Nance, Studio 21

902 Hardy St.

Houston, Tx 77020

Open the third Saturday of every month


By appointment

Hardy & Nance Website